Brad Nielsen

Brad is a retired elementary school teacher and media specialist.

As a media specialist he spent many hours showing children how

to create digital images and make use of technology. He seriously

started taking pictures after retiring and doing digital drawing and



Brad has taken several pilgrimages to Europe, Israel and Medjugorje

and greatly enjoys recording his trips with photos. Here in the states

he has taken thousands of photos of plants, animals, lakes, streams,

and landscapes. He loves to find abstractions in nature that

makes us pause and reflect on their beauty.


Brad has shown his photography in many different area art shows.

He has been in Artprize four years, He has shown his photography

at Freedom Village in Holland, the Gainey Gallery in

Byron Center, the Terryberry gallery in Saint Cecilia, in Grand

Rapids, Grand Valley Artists Spring Juried Show, the and

Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell, Michigan.


Brad’s photographs have also been in Muskegon Regional Show

twice and in the First United Methodist’s Celebration of the Arts show

several years, winning an honorable mention award in 2012. Brad

has also displayed photographs in Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids

several times. His photographic collection of a pilgrimage to Israel was  displayed at the Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church.