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Kendra Postma

Kendra a multimedia, collage, and ceramic artist who lives in Michigan, is married, and has two children. Her paintings often take on a dreamlike or spiritual aura. Inspiration often comes from walks on the beach with the water lapping her feet that fills her with a sense of peace that influence what she creates.


She has always had an intense desire or need to create something that nourishes her soul. For her, the whole process of creating art is fulfilling in a way she doesn’t completely understand. From pulling out materials and starting on a blank canvas to signing her name and choosing a frame, she feels rewarded from every part of the journey.


Every time she completes a project and finally hangs it on the wall or sends it away, she is filled with a melancholy that the process is over; at least until she starts her next project.

wings of Flight
I Stand Alone
Ephemera no.1
Good Will
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