Sandra Hansen

Sandra Hansen is an international, Environmental artist, optimist, and world traveler. She is the founder and CEO of Artists' Cultural Exchange, a non-profit organization to bring artists of different nationalities together. Her travels have taken her to thirty countries around the world to create art and exhibit her art, meet artists, visit art galleries and museums, participate in artist residencies, and to lead workshops. Hansen’s art embraces the beauty of water; often making commentary on our treatment of mother earth. Her primary medium is paper making, but she enjoys drawing with colored pencils and oil pastels as well. Hansen’s art papers are often 82x 34 inches and are often embedded with beach pollution, found objects or decorated with paint or ink. This year she began making journals using her own art on the covers and handmade papers inside.


In the fall of 2018 Sandra and Artists Cultural Exchange will host an artist residency a lovely rural setting near Lake Michigan.  Four international artists will be invited to participate.  International artists will meet American artists, do workshops, and be taken on trips to Detroit and Chicago to see galleries and museums. It is hoped that the artists will be able to be involved in Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize as well.

Sandra lives in Holland, Michigan in the US with her husband and two cats.

sandra hansen_cropped
green with flecks