Debra McCormik Shaffer

Debra McCormick Shaffer is a multimedia artist who enjoys working in layers on a variety of surfaces; using color, pattern, and texture to create depth and personality in her artwork. She enjoys textiles, painting on fabrics and creating fabric collages, which she then embellishes -often with free motion stitching to create line and more definition.

     Debra has expressed a wish or intention to “shine a little light” with her work.  She may convey this through the colors or techniques she uses, but perhaps also with the humor, whimsey, or spiritual themes evident in her pieces. Speaking of “shining a little light," she recently has branched out into adding her artwork to create one of a kind art lamps.

     Although she resides in the Grand Rapids area with her husband, and cat, and raised her daughter here; her own childhood involved travel to different parts of the world- including Morocco and parts of Europe, as well as different regions of the United States-- the Southwest, Ohio farm county, and New England.  Sometimes she wonders if the colors she uses, and visions she is drawn to create, are based on those early experiences of different cultures, and surrounding landscapes she was exposed to.

      Her art background is varied, starting with inspiration from her mother Ruth who loved art. She attended boarding school at Kingswood/ Cranbrook where she could explore weaving, sculpture, and ceramics. She continued to take elective art courses at various colleges, while she pursued a degree in  Occupational Therapy. She retired from Mary Free Bed Hospital last year after a 40-year career as a therapist. She is now delighted to spend more of her time and energy to her longtime passion for creating art.

     Debra is also trained as a SoulCollage®  workshop facilitator and is open to working with those interested in that unique process. SoulCollage®, developed by Senna Frost,  is an intuitive collage process for self-discovery and is done in a group to promote a sense of greater community.   No previous art experience is necessary, and all supplies are provided with the opportunity to make 1-3 small personal collages during a workshop.  Debra can be contacted through the gallery if interested or have questions.


Flat River Gallery & Framing         219 West Main, Lowell MI 49331          (616) 987-6737 

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