Rosemary Cheslock

My name is Rosemary Cheslock and my business is called Glass Eye Butterfly.  I have been working in glass for 20 years, mosaics, stained glass, flame worked glass beads and most recently enamel.  I take rods of glass, melting it using a torch hooked up to propane and oxygen, to create one of a kind glass beads.  After the bead is done, it is placed on a kiln at 960 degrees for an hour, then at 600 degrees for two hours.  

It is hard to contain my excitement waiting for the kiln to finish its process overnight, just like a child waiting for Christmas morning.  

Enamel is powdered glass that is sifted onto copper or sterling silver and kiln fired.  As they cool, you see the final color.   There are many ways to enhance the enamel, by using graphite pencil and acrylic enamel paint.   The beauty of enamel is that if you are not happy, you can add more enamel.   


I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy creating it.   


Flat River Gallery & Framing         219 West Main, Lowell MI 49331          (616) 987-6737 

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