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Colin Plank

Colin Plank is a geologist and artist with over 25 years of experience in the study of geomorphology (the evolution of landscapes around U.S.), stratigraphy (the preserved geologic record of past landscapes ), and  sedimentology (the media through which geologic time is preserved). The fascination, curiosity, and desire to explore and understand earth processes that motivated Colin’s scientific pursuits also manifests in  a need to paint and capture the emotional and visual facets and apparent facts about the landscape around us that are not addressed in science alone.     


Colin was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before he moved to South Carolina, and then Minnesota in his study of geology. He returned to Michigan and has lived in Lowell since 2008, where he and his wife Lisa have enjoyed raising their family. 


Colin’s artwork has been exhibited regionally in juried shows and sales. Currently his artwork is inspired by the landscapes and seasonal variations of his native western and northern Michigan. His body of work emphasizes an appreciation of our local landscape, with many of the painting locations identified while riding his bike, another of Colin’s great loves.   

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