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Melissa Van Eck

My working methods include hand-made needle “painting” processes. Wool fiber is worked into a fabric to create and invite interaction between the surface tension that is created from the raised fibers of the wool. Inspiration comes from nature, and those brilliant, fleeting Moments of beauty that are all around us.

As an artist, I want to capture those moments of beauty, to get Side
Tracked in the lush colors, shining light or capturing a quick look at a bird at rest.

Notice the combination of colors that can make up shadows, with deep purples or burgundy, fields with yellows and multiple layers of different greens and browns.
Each stroke of color and texture is meticulously applied to bring a feeling or memory to your heart, a smile to your face and a special moment in time.

My choice of using needle wool painting as the technique for my art, brings out my need to touch and feel the texture in the painting and in nature I am depicting, to see the movement in the mist or sun shining through the forest, this technique by its nature creates depth and movement. My art is a commitment to conveying the beauty of nature, using natural fibers.

This artwork not only celebrates the splendor of the natural world but also the artistry of needle wool painting. It give a Side Tracked Moment in time, that quick note of beauty all around us.

Needle wool painting, which is made by fixing each natural wool fiber individually with a special needle, is a very demanding method but the result is worth it. Wool fibers create unusual textures, that is different than more traditional forms of painting.

Felt is such a tactile medium, so I do put it under glass to keep it clean.
If you decide you don’t want to protect your artwork behind glass, it can be removed. To clean it, remove it from your wall occasionally and tapped on a clean, flat surface to loosen any accumulated dust. My pieces are not felted, so the fibers are looser and can up up.

Care and placement of your art piece:
Placement should be out of direct sunlight as the dyes in the wool can fade over time. Wool is a natural fiber and the placement of your art should be dry, as the wool can absorb moisture.


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