Deidre A. Wingelaar

In viewing a subject, she observes the way shadows and light play on texture and color. She then contemplates how she might place that within a painting. As she is creating, she tries to express a thought or a feeling through the marks made by her hand on the paper. If she is successful with what she has tried to express, the viewer will pick up on her thoughts or feelings in their heart and mind.


Her work reflects the definition of experimental art. She doesn't always know how things will work out., and she has several methods for creating a piece: literally throwing paint on paper, using an old painting or generating an ice painting. Once she has the basic “tart, she examines the positive and negative shapes to reveal areas that will work with her concept.  Through the application of multiple layers, scrubbing and blending, she works the painting into the desired composition.


Flat River Gallery & Framing         219 West Main, Lowell MI 49331          (616) 987-6737 

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