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Marylu Dykstra

As an experimental artist, I try new ways to express my voice across mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media, allowing my creative processes to flourish.  Just as a musician may play different types of music, each medium allows an opportunity to portray semi-realistic to abstracted views of the world.  The acrylics are layered with shape, pattern, and line work using brush and palette knife to direct paint to create texture and depth.

I develop texture where there is none with my unique approach to stippling which utilizes small dots using ink created with a dip pen and a tiny nib on watercolor paintings.  Stippling may portray the breathe around a flower, moonlight as it plays through ice crystals, or the fanciful play of molecules in the negative space created by solid structures or natural elements.  The intricacies of each piece can be appreciated as the viewer examines each individual small dot as it forms the shades, solids and fanciful elements within each painting. 


I am a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, (ISEA) having earned Master Fellow status since joining in 2010.  I serve on the board of ISEA, relying on my background in strategic planning, marketing, and program development. 

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