Marylu Dykstra

Marylu is a mixed media artist, working in acrylic, collage, and watercolor, on which she uses her unique use of stippling to create positive and negative space in her work.  With minimal training, and primarily self-taught, Marylu’s mixed media and acrylic work is layered and complex, using her two-handed method with  brush and palette knife to direct paint to create a rough, textured, atmospheric condition. 
She evolved her layered pointillism watercolor and ink paintings over decades to create shapes and textures.  The intricacies of each painting can be appreciated as the viewer examines each individual dot applied with a dip pen and #104 nib to form shapes and shadows.
Marylu is an experimental artist, and a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, (ISEA) having earned her signature and Nautilus status since joining in 2010. Marylu is also a board member of the ISEA.  She resides in Alto, Michigan with her husband, Rick.