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Joella Miller

Joella started designing jewelry about 10 or 12 years ago. She was initially attracted to beads on a day trip to Chicago for her birthday when a glitzy red beaded watch called her name from across the counter at Marshall Field’s. Her husband bought her the watch and it’s been an addiction since then.


Her studio bench overflows with pliers and torches; wire hangs off the pliers and cutters, and Swarovski crystals glisten in the sun.
Joella has taken many classes over the years and has learned that she loves the feel of the metal when she is finishing weaving a piece of chainmaille jewelry. Starting with wire, she coils and cuts it to make thousands of argentium ( tarnishes slower that traditional sterling) rings of various sizes, then weaving them together to create little works of art to be worn by people of every age.

Miller, Joella image byz ladder w doily clasp square
Miller, Joella image #3
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